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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Today I am Sad

The incident from church last night is still bothering me. (read yesterday's post) Rarely do I allow anything to bother me for this long so the hormones must be contributing to my depressed state. I haven't done my hair. No make-up either. And if you knew me you would know that this is so not the norm for me! I tend to be a bit of a priss. All I have done today is nap. All over one announcement. Crazy!!!

I need to trust in Him and lean on Him right now, and I am trying to. But it is not easy. I seriously doubt that this announcement came as a surprise to Him, nor will it alter His plans. If my babies are to be they will be. Now I feel stupid for even being bothered by all of this. If I am this hormonal now, how will I be next week when I break out the guns?? Maybe my hubby should go visit family for a few weeks!!!


  1. Hang in there hun,the hormones can be tricky through all of this. I know that once I started all the meds I did not feel like myself at all.Not to mention the anguish over whether it would work or not.Just know that if you want to talk I am here for you. You can email me directly, my email is on my blog page on the left just scroll down to contacting me. ((hugs)) -Megan

  2. ((Hugs to you)). I've been feeling the same way lately . Some days are just worse than others for dealing with it. You think that you'll be ok, that it won't hit you that hard. But for me, it always does. Just know that you're not alone in how you feel - and that's its perfectly normal!
    You're in my thoughts and prayers that you will be in the next announcement!

  3. Thanks Megan and Justina!! I appreciate the support.

  4. This is hard stuff to go through, Jess. Don't blame yourself for feeling down and out - sometimes announcements hit us harder than others. The great thing is we have husbands and an amazing God who love us no matter how bad we feel. I've been struggling with feeling a bit down lately, too - it's been an interesting combination - one minute I'm elated that we're doing this and so convinced we will be bringing our babies home and the next minute I'm near tears because I'm terrified it won't work after all the friends I've see have losses, etc. It's a hard boat to be in - praying for you!

  5. Yep, the hormones will FLAT JACK YOU UP! Stay positive and strong. You are gonna be a STRONG #4 in your announcement OR the 1st of another group of three ;)


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