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Monday, November 9, 2009

Power of Positive Thinking

I am the type of person that tends to hover between pessimism and realism, rarely is optimism my companion. I would love to be one of those annoying eternally optimistic people, but I am just not made that way. But this time I have removed pessimism from my vocabulary. And though I am not all of the way over to the side of optimism I am nearer to it than realism. Have I confused you yet???

Basically I am trying to think positive about the upcoming transfer. I have browsed diaper bags. I have joined Swagbucks (free to use) to help earn "bucks" to buy an Amazon gift cards to use towards baby stuff. I am halfway to a $50 gift card. Yay me!!!

Infomercial: Swagbucks is great!! You sign up and use their search engine (instead of google) and you earn bucks. If you use the link to the right you can sign up under me and I will earn when you earn. **hint**hint**..........end infomercial.

Another thing that I have done is created a new blog for my potential pregnancy. I will still use this one for infertility related issues, but I will have a separate pregnancy one. Once I decided on the name (which is quite clever if I so say so myself) I decided to snag it just in case. I am a looking for the perfect background for it and I want to have it ready to use once we see 2 pink lines. Until then it will remain a secret.

All of these steps are my way of remaining positive. I read on someone's blog that they were blessed not because they were pregnant or because things were going well, but because they are a child of the King. So regardless of whether or not we have a baby next year we are still blessed. We will be sad and we will mourn the loss of our embies, but we will still be blessed. But I am going to think positive thoughts that our "blessed" will include a baby. ;-)


  1. I'm with you on the pessimistic/realist views! I struggle daily with my attitude. I'm praying for you and your blessings as well!!!

  2. CANT WAIT to follow your new blog!!! =)


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