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Monday, November 2, 2009

Special Delivery

No, not the special delivery, but the delivery of my meds. I placed my order today and should have them no later than Wednesday or Thursday. They would have been shipped out today but they were out of Heparin. They will have it tomorrow and it will be shipped tomorrow. YAY!! It cost as much as a Kate Spade or nice Coach purse, but in the end it will be worth it. It felt great to take this next step. Once here I will get the first 14 syringes ready and then begin on November 11th. Once I start the injections I am sure that time will go much faster. From 11/11 to 12/11 I will have injections, pills, and 2 ultrasounds. Thanksgiving will help distract me for a few days as well. My cake decorating classes start tomorrow too so that will help too.

With the impending arrival of the meds I am getting excited. More excited I should say. I am not sure if it is the excitement causing the insomnia or the meds, but at night I lay there and daydream about maternity clothing, nursery decor and baby names. I can't seem to stop myself! For so many years we have had so little hope that this whole process is making me giddy!

Well, I am off to camp out by the front door to await my special delivery!!


  1. Meds-OH SUCH A SPECIAL DAY! I love it!

  2. Hope you got that tent set up by your front door, Jess! ;)

    I am so hopeful WITH you!! :) Thanks so much for the newsy updates!!

    Love to you.


  3. WOW so much to do! Sooo exciting!!!

  4. Isn't it fun to know that you're gonna have that enormous box of stuff in your possession. I've had our moderately huge stash for a month... just waiting for our FET. Never thought I'd look forward to an injection! Wishing you the best!



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