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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Baby No Name

Okay, this is not entirely true. Our baby has a first name, Olivia. But I am stuck on a middle name. I mean really, really stuck! We had the name Madison picked out for years and the middle name was to be either Olivia or Grace. We chose Grace so that we could save Olivia for another girl if we ever had one. I am so glad that we did!!! But we never had another middle name ready for another baby girl.

Our dilemma is that Olivia is 4 syllables and our last name is 3 syllables and we want a 1 syllable middle name, 2 at the most. But nothing that ends with an 'a' or begins with a vowel. And a perfect middle name would sound good said with her nickname, Livvie. I call Madison, Maddie Grace a lot and I tend to do that a lot with names. It doesn't HAVE to sound good with Livvie, but it would be a plus.

Here are some of the options and pros and cons of each.

Olivia Joy (okay, just not in love, but it flows with Grace)

Olivia Paige  (hubby's fave, but we live near a major roads named Olive and Page and they are often said together and it is stuck in my head that way.

Olivia Reese (one of my faves, but Livvie Reese sounds like Liver Eese to me, which does not even make sense at all)

Olivia Renee (I like this one, but Hubby isn't sold)

Olivia Shay (maybe, not sure what I think about this one)

Olivia Elaine (not sure if I like that it begins with a vowel or if I like it together)

A few names that are out for various reasons: Ann(e), Marie, Lynn, Dawn.

So, which do you like? Or what suggestions do you have? Help me name this baby girl!!!


  1. Paige and Shay make me think of Sage: Olivia Sage. That would also avoid the road issue.

    Similar to Elaine is Layne or Lane: Olivia Layne.

    Other ideas are Olivia Rose or Olivia Mae. I think Livvie Mae is especially adorable! Or Olivia Jane (Livvie Jane...swoon!).

    Another thought is to give Olivia the same middle name as her sister as a sweet way to tie them together. Olivia Grace.

    Of the names you list, I think I like Olivia Joy and Olivia Renee best.

  2. Olivia Gale or Olivia Gail. But I guess her monogram cold be an issue.

    I also like Diane's suggestion of Rose and Jane and Mae - with Jane being my favorite. And from your list I like Joy best.

  3. Olivia Jane as the poster said above I just adore it! Livvie Jane!

  4. When I first began to read your post I thought of the middle name Faith. I think it goes with Grace and you had to have a lot of faith to overcome your IF. I also like Rose, it's my dd's middle name. Of the one's you've mentioned I like Reese the best.

  5. I like Olivia Paige! :) Good luck with your decisions!

  6. Oliva Rose
    Oliva Marie

    I like Olivia Paige a lot too. good luck!

  7. I was going to suggest Faith too!

  8. Joy goes well with Grace! Reece goes will with Livvie. I like Mae and Faith too!

  9. What about Olivia Grace? I know it is the same middle name as Maddie....but it could be a way to link them even closer as sisters to share that. My SIL has the middle name Lynn and gave both her girls that middle name also. Her daughter just had the first granddaughter and also gave her the middle name Lynn. It has become kind of a family tradition. Just a thought. OR>....my 2nd vote would be Renee. That is my middle name and Genevieve's middle name. It flows really well. My girlfriend just gave that middle name to her daughter Julia as well. Good luck. I love names with tons of syllables.... :)

  10. Our little girl's middle name will be Faith - Sadie Faith, actually. (I know I haven't blogged in ages- I'm 22 wks, having a girl).
    We picked Faith because she is a lesson in faith and God's faithfulness after 4 failed FETs. So, I second a PPs suggestion of Olivia Faith for the same reasons.
    Though I also like the idea of sharing the name Grace too.

  11. Lurker here. Chuckled to see Olivia Rose and Olivia Mae offered as suggestions. That's exactly what came to my mind, too. Or combine them and make Olivia Rae.

  12. So I know I already commented once, but I had another thought: Olivia Beth

  13. I was going to say Olivia Joy - but then her initials would be OJ... not sure how you feel about that! :)

    I also like Faith or Hope

  14. All great names. I like Shay! Or Shae.

  15. I like either Faith or Hope that other posters have mentioned. I think either would go well with the nickname Livvie. Livvie Hope (or Faith) sort of makes me think of Live with Hope, which is just beautiful.

    Of the names you mentioned... I want to like Joy, but don't like that she would be OJ. I really like Olivia Paige, and think it could be changed to Sage to help with the road issues....

  16. Love Olivia Paige! But what about Kate, Quinn, Maeve or Wren?

  17. Hi Jess. I love your choice of Olivia as your baby girl's name. My favorite of the name combinations you and hubby are considering is Olivia Shay. Just a few ideas-

    Olivia Sage
    Olivia Pearl
    Olivia Blaise
    Olivia Tess
    Olivia June
    Olivia Scout
    Olivia Britt

    All the best deciding!

  18. I like Olivia Faith - goes great with Grace!


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