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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Time is ticking by!! Just over 3 weeks to go. The next week and a half should go by pretty quickly as we will be traveling next week. Originally it was to spend Thanksgiving with my hubby's family bit now it will be to attend a funeral. My hubby's aunt passed away from cancer this morning. She had cancer and we knew that it was coming, just not this soon. Though we are sad at er passing we are rejoicing that she came to know Jesus just a few weeks ago and is not resting safely in the arms of Jesus. We are not sure when the funeral is and I hope that it is not on Monday as I have an ultrasound appointment that day and I doubt that I could do it on Saturday (too early in my cycle). If it is on Monday I may have to stay home and I would hate to do that. My hubby is taking it hard and I would hate for him to travel alone.

Between the holiday, the appointment, the funeral and a cake decorating class next week will fly by. I am glad to be busy so that I won't have to obsess over all of this. It is amazing how fast time seems to fly yet stand still at the same time.

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