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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blood work......CHECK

When I checked the mail yesterday I found an envelope bearing that logo of my clinic and I hurriedly opened it, hoping to find a donor list. I was disappointed to find an order for blood work instead. Both hubby and I have to have 10 tests run before the transfer. I got mine done today. Hubby is out of town until next week. It is nice to have accomplished at least my blood work but I hate to have to wait for him to do his. And I hate that I have not received my donor list. A patient person I am not!! And I really hope that the clinic is not waiting for the results from the lab before mailing it. If I do not have it by next week I will just march into her office and request it! ;-) I have an appointment there next week anyway so I will ask for it if I don't have it. I might just ask hwe which ones had cute babies so I know which ones to choose!! :D


  1. I like your idea of asking for "the cute babies" donor embryos!!! Surely the list will arrive soon!!! Please keep us posted!!!


  2. I so wanted to ask the embryologist if she could sneak me a picture of their other kids, even though we all know, that doesn't really matter! :)

    BTW I'm surprised your DH has to do tests for a donated embryo FET!

  3. HOW EXCITING! Can't wait to heart the news that you found your embies! My hubby had to do HIV and I think that was it.

  4. Whoo Hooo it is all starting! Sorry about your bruise though! Never fun! Love the idea about showing them just HOW MUCH they were wanted! That is wonderful!!


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