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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nothing yet....

I am still waiting, quite impatiently I might add, for my donor list to arrive. I could call the clinic, but they are closed until Tuesday and I have an appointment on Thursday. And I can't remember the woman's name that I am supposed to talk to. I might as well wait until I get there and ask for it in person. She may be waiting to send it to me sometimes next week. There is a couple using a few donated embies that if it is successful and there are any left over I might want them. Apparently these are super embies as the original couple had twins and the next couple had a singleton. They seem to be very healthy, sticky embies and I want that kind! It does seem a bit odd to me to know that if we use them and have a child(ren) that there will be 3-4 other siblings in the area that we do not know. But on the upside, my kids will never have premarital sex.......it could be their sister or brother! ;-)


  1. Waiting flat stinks! We have super embies too! That's what happens when a 24 yr old super model with super eggs is the egg donor! The 1st baby is due Nov. 15! I am praying we have twins and then I will be passing the remaining 4 on to my friend! Such a miracle!

  2. Oh that would drive me crazy too... its all sooo close to happening! How wonderful! Cant wait to hear you have them! =)


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