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Sunday, September 6, 2009


I do not dream often, but when I do they are vivid. I have woken up angry at the hubby for something he did in my dream. My emotions from my dreams tend to stay with me for awhile after I wake. Recently I had a dream that I was part of a team hunting 2 mosquitoes. Now these were not just any mosquitoes, let me tell you! Scientists had rid the world of these pesky little buggers and lab created new ones. Kind of like in Noah's day, starting with just two, and hoping to rid the world of malaria and other diseases transferred by mosquitoes. But the scientists made a mistake and these two were super skeeters and were able to reproduce rapidly. (go figure, even in my dreams I am surrounded by fertile creatures). So were were on a mission to catch them! When we got close the mosquitoes would stop and break out in song and dance. Crazy dream!!! I woke up before we caught them so I don't know what ever happened to the little guys.

Since we got the call about the embryos I have had a recurring dream, which is very rare for me. A frightening dream!! A nightmare, actually. I dream that I become pregnant from the transfer (that is the good part) but things don't go as planned. No, they are not monster babies. No, nothing bad happens to them. The scary part is that there are FOUR of them!! QUADS!! Talk about scaring the bajeebers out of me! I would love to have twins, but four?? Not so much! My hubby travels a lot and the thoughts of caring for four crying, hungry, poopy babies is terrifying to say the least. I either want 1-2 babies or eight. Before you deem me crazy, listen to my logic: With 1 or 2 I can care for them on my own. I can still go to the grocery store or church without help. But with 3 or more it will be impossible without an army of helpers. And in order to get an army of helpers I have to have enough babies to be up there with the Octomom! No one will notice if I only have 4 babies, but with 8 we can have our own reality show!!

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  1. Too funny about your dream! (about the skeeters! ha ha!) I cant wait to hear you are preggo with LOTS of babies!! =)


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