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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Baby Fund

With the frozen transfer fast approaching I am having to get creative to find the funds for the FET. Wow! That was a lot of "F" words!!! I am looking on Craigslist for side jobs, though all I am finding right now are exotic dancers and telemarketers, neither of which I am willing to do. ;-) I am collecting things to sell in a yard sale. I have a pile of stuff ready to go, even some of my designer purses. If you knew me you would know how sad this makes me. But hey, a baby is worth it!! I am even going to sell my wedding dress. I am sentimental and wanted to keep it, but what will I do with it?? Wear it again? Nope! Not unless it can be let out about 10 sizes!! Let my daughter wear it? Well, if I don't do this transfer there won't even be a daughter to worry about. Besides, in 20+ years the dress will be over 30 years old. Not antique or vintage, just old. I had hoped to use it to make a bassinet cover with it, but let's be honest, I would never actually do it. So sell it I must.

I am going through my books and selling them on half.com. I sold my first book yesterday!! Only a bagillion more to go! I have joined ChipIn (see widget on the right side of page) for friends and family to donate if they want to. We are cutting out extra spending (all but basic cable, not eating out, etc). I took my nails off (and hate it!). I am even looking on the black market to see how much I would fetch for one of hubby's kidneys! Okay, nothing that drastic yet, but I am considering selling my little, cute car and just drive hubby's granny car. So I will wear a generic purse, have ugly nails, and drive an ugly granny car?? But at least I am not telemarketing, right??? =D


  1. Im praying all that money comes in FAST!!!!!!!

  2. I'm wishing I could contribute something.


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