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Friday, September 18, 2009

Are Doctors Really Necessary?

If you walk down the "personal" aisle of your local drug store you will see a variety of fertility related tests. You can test your spouse's swimmers all in the privacy of your own home. You can pee on a stick and know exactly when you are going to ovulate or if you are pregnant. There is even a kit that now test your FSH. With all of this advanced at home technology, reproductive endocrinolgists may be out of business soon!!

Not to mention that your Great Aunt Sally may hold the secret to your baby dreams.............stand on your head after sex. Or your cousin Susie tells you to have sex everyday. Or your friend tells you to have sex in the back seat of your parents car. If none of that works there are always the old standbys: relax, adopt, read a book, quit thinking about it, drink that water from my house, etc.

So the way I figure it I just need to spend a total of $120.91+tax for all of the at home tests and a good book, have sex everyday while standing on my head in the back seat of the car right after I drink the right "water" and try not to think about it and VIOLA! I will be preggo!!!

Phew! I wish that someone would have shared all of this genius with me years ago! It would have saved me a fortune!!!!

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