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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Have you ever wondered how many HPT's that you taken over the years?? I quit counting after the first 100 or so. I am a home pregnancy test connoisseur! I have tried the digital. I have tried the store brand. I have tried the dollar store brand. I have even purchased them in bulk from an online retailer. Bulk?!?! Really?? Yes, bulk.

You fertiles may be asking why we need so many. Well, some tests can detect as early as 10 DPO (days past ovulation). So we begin testing on day ten. And day eleven. Twelve. Well, you get the picture. This obsessive testing continues until aunt flo arrives, but as day 14 approaches you up the number of HPT's to two a day. Why two a day? Because that first one must have defective! Even though you used your first morning urine and waited the full 5 minutes and even dug it out of the trash 20 minutes later to double check, it must be wrong! Your sore boobies, frequently trips to the potty and upset tummy must be signs of pregnancy, right? So you try again. And again. Before you know if you have gone through 10 pregnancy tests in less than a week. Addiction? I say not. Just overly careful. And hopeful. That remind me, Walgreens is having a sale EPT brand.......better pick up a few hundred or so!


  1. Cute post.. and I hear ya. I have bought online in a store.. off this site called HPT heaven.. people sending me them.. after a while you get this HPT testing down to a fine art..

    The amount of money spent eh...

  2. I've taken one my entire life! BUT TRUST ME, I'm READY TO BE FANATIC about it LOL!

  3. You are addicted! Back away from the test...

  4. You wait til 10 DPO! I'm impressed! LOL! Although I know there is no way I'll get a BFP at 7 DPO, sometimes its impossible to stop myself from testing. I'm convinces its because we POAS so often. AF is the only time we don't. We POAS in the run up to O to determine when we're O'ing. Then we POAS right after O to make sure the trigger shot is out of our system. And finally we POAS to test for pregnancy. Who can blame us for going through so many HPT's? Hehe!

  5. Oooh, forgot to say I found you through ICLW!

  6. Good luck with your upcoming donor FET. I hope this Christmas will be an especially merry one.

    So, oh connoisseur of pregnancy tests, what brand is your favorite?


  7. Whichever one turns positive!!! ;-)

  8. I'll take that one too, the one that turns positive.
    I've only ever used two HPTs in my life, first praying it'd be negative and second that it'd be positive. Ironically none of them was what I hoped for.
    I keep my fingers and toes crossed for you that you get your baby this Christmas :-)

  9. i have no idea, but the majority of mine were before the digitals. when i got my first digital it confused me so bad (i am not a morning person) that i ended up crying for hours. i just knew that i was too old (28 at the time) to ever have a baby because i couldn't even figure out how to take the test.



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