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Monday, September 21, 2009

Pills, Pills, Pills!!!

Here a pill, there a pill, everywhere a pill pill!!! I haven't even begun the meds for our transfer and I feel like I am a walking pill factory. With breakfast (low carb) I have to take one horse pill called Metformin. Then pray that it does not cause intestinal distress. Lunch and dinner are a repeat of breakfast. At night, before bed, with a snack, I take a prenatal. And somewhere in there I have to take my thyroid med and that has to be done on an empty stomach. Usually that is done in the AM when I first get up. If I remember.

Once we begin the meds for the FET I will be adding a few more to the mix. I haven't gotten my exact list or protocol but I do know that birth control pills, Estrace, and progesterone (I think that I start that before the FET, but having never done this before I am not sure) will be in there somewhere. So that will be, what? Eight pills a day? Yay me! But at least my RE prescribes progesterone in a pill form and not an injection! But take them all, I will. And gladly. Even if some of them are the size a pinky toe!!


  1. It's crazy what we have to do compared to other people to get pregnant isn't it? I hope the metformin doesn't give you any tummy troubles. I was on it for a while and it did give me some issues. good luck!

  2. It is a lot! I'm on BCP's and prenatals and will start my estrogen injections after my baseline this week. I chose the shots. I don't mind giving them to myself. I seem to forget pills!


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