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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pictures for my baby book

Do you remember as a child/teen when you were misbehaving and your mom would remind you of how long she was in labor with you, trying to guilt you into obeying? And how you swore you would never do that to your children? Yeah, right! You know you will repeat all of the things that you hated in your parents. But I have decided that reminding my future kids of the "36 hours of labor" is not enough. When being exceptionally bad I will tell them about the 11 years I endured infertility, the surgeries, the shots, the drugs....everything it took to conceive them! And so I am planning my baby book to hold all of my guilt inducing photos. I have my first one already and it will go in the baby book right before pics of the embies and ultrasound photos. This is a pic of the bruise from recent blood work.

Another reason that I want to do this (aside from the above mentioned evil reasons) is to show our adopted children that they were wanted. And just how much they were wanted. If I can guilt them into doing my will with the same photos, that will be a bonus. ;-)


  1. Yep, I did the exact same thing with my bruised arm LOL! And took a picture of all the drugs too-pretty much EVERYTHING related to trying to get preg!

  2. LOL, this is hilarious and such a great idea! Look out future children!


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