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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Feedback needed for new Embryo Adoption program!!!

City Jen over at 3,2,1!!! 3 Babes, 2 Jens, 1 Cause- Embryo Adoption is helping a clinic in St. Louis set up an Embryo Adoption program. This is exciting news!!! There is not another clinic in this area that has a program. This will be a great help in finding homes for frozen embies and for helping couples become parents. She is hoping to create the "perfect" EA program and is looking for feedback from those on all sides of embryo adoption and donation to tell her what they liked about their program, disliked about it, or what they are looking for in a program. It is not very often that we, the patients, get a voice. Please take a moment to follow the link to her blog and read her post and to email her at JensAdoptionBlessings@gmail.com . She is a fellow EA recipient and really has a passion and a heart for EA. What an amazing opportunity to help match families together!!!!

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  1. Just networking with you. I'm Jen, and I've been blogging about EA for about two years. I always love to meet other EA bloggers! Adding you to my blogroll, if that's ok!


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