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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cloth diapers

I have been debating whether or not to use cloth diapers or not. I am still not sure what I will do, most likely a combination of cloth (at home) and disposable (while out). I have been slowly accumulating a small stash of cloth diapers to try. I will be watching my 8 month old niece for 3 days soon and I plan to practice on her.

So far I have one Flip with insert (in the cutest pink?zinnia color), one green bumGenius AIO, and 5 Kushies (that I found on Craigslist for $20 brand new!). I want to get a Thirsties cover and some pre-folds to round out my stash. Once I try them all I will keep the ones that I love, sell the ones I do not care for and invest in the ones that I liked. I also registered for disposable diapers as well as some gDiapers to try. I am actually excited to try them out!

I received a package today with the bumGenius and Flip and hubby asked if they were for the dogs!!! He had good reason to ask though, as my male dog has a problem with marking his territory and has to wear a belly band (cummerbund looking thing) at all times and the female has issues if left alone for too long so she has a few diapers as well. So about every 3 days I wash dog diapers. Baby diapers should be no different, right??


  1. A friend once told me that when she did the math, she calculated that using cloth diapers would save them $1000-$2000. Crazy how expensive disposable diapers are today!

  2. I've been having the same debate with myself. My SIL started using cloth with her oldest a few months ago and has been telling me how I should use them too. She thinks its the cure for diaper rash. Anyway, I've thought about it before but I just can't decide what I want to do. I've been leaning towards your plan- doing both. I'm just not sure.

  3. We've just decided to use cloth - we're getting prefolds and thirsties covers for the majority of time, and then thirsties duos for when we're out of the house and for nighttime use. We are both super excited - it's great that you've found some for cheap, and that you'll be able to practice on your neice!

  4. We've decided to use cloth as well, but we aren't quite sure what we are going for yet as for type. I also want to get a few to look at, and I'm hoping to find someone to practice on!

  5. We had always used disposable, but when E came around I thought I'd use cloth, but decided at the last minute and never had time to research more! I look forward to hearing your reviews of the different types/brands so I can save the info for the future!
    Oh, BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog! We haven't 'officially' announced our new adoption plan. We are excited to be able to do that in the next week or two. Keep us posted on the diapers!

  6. Thanks for the info on the diapers, Jess! I have looked into the deal on greendiapers, but since we don't know what we're having yet, I don't know what to request! The deal asks me for boy or girl...and we won't find out for 2 more weeks, when the deal will be over. :( Hoping I'll be able to find another deal soon!

  7. Hope it goes great for you and you save tons of cash!! =)

  8. I'll give you a little unsolicited input about my experience with a couple cloth diapers... We mainly used them at home and disposables while out.

    ...the gDiaper is a great idea...in theory...I hate the velcro straps and the snaps that hold the liner in leave horrible marks that look painful and they are a bit messier than others, but the flushable inserts are a nice idea, although they tend to get expensive.

    ...the Fuzzibunz are great, but bulky. There are very few pants that actually fit over them. My daughter LOVES them and actually asks for them over the disposables. They aren't bad to clean either. They don't hold as much as disposables, but I don't think any of the cloths do. I think these are best suited for the newborn to pre-walking stage simply because of the bulk.

    That's all I know. I can't wait to hear your input on the ones you'll be trying out!

  9. I know this is late, but my favorite is Fuzzibunz. They are so soft and fit really well. Thirsties are also great.


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