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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

She kicked my computer!

One of the disadvantages of being a chubby girl is the inability to feel baby girl kicking on the outside. This is compounded by my anterior placenta. My hubby has been whining and complaining that he wants to feel her kick and I told him that it could be weeks still. But today that all changed! I was sitting here with my computer on my tummy and I felt her kick but I also saw the computer move as well! I couldn't believe it! Sadly, hubby is not here so he missed it. But when he comes home you can be sure that he will be doing his best to feel her little kicks.


  1. Sooooo fun! To feel and see the kicks!

  2. When I was toward the end of my second trimester or the beginning of my third, my husband would rest his hand on my belly while we watched TV, and my daughter would rub his hand with hers. It was the neatest thing. She still does that now.

  3. So fun! Did you get the results of your glucose test?

  4. Mandy, I had the wrong day. My appointment is tomorrow.


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