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Friday, May 7, 2010

Hormones in over drive!

The first week after my FET I was a bit hormonal. Okay, okay, I was a raving lunatic! One day I was getting chicken out for dinner and hubby made a comment that he really wasn't in the mood for chicken. What does a sane woman do? She puts it back and asks what he would like for dinner. What does a crazy woman do? She throws it back in the freezer, cries and yells at him for being stupid. All of this in front of two young men from church. Yeah, it was bad! But since then I really haven't had any issues.

Recently I have been noticing some hormonal changes. I am easily brought to tears, though I do not actually cry. And I am clingy! I hate for hubby to be away from me. And if you knew me IRL you would know that this is so not me! I am very independent and actually enjoy alone time. This is good because hubby travels a lot for work so I am home alone often. But right now I want to ask him to stay home. And sit here with me. And watch sappy movies that make me cry. I am a mess!!!

Today hubby was doing an assembly in a local public school (he does drug, alcohol and crime prevention assemblies) and I went with him. I was sitting there, so proud of him. Then some skinny girl passed me and while I assume by her actions that she was a teacher, she still looked like a kid to me. And she has this huge, adorable baby bump. She is probably about as far along as me and looks adorable with her rounded belly. And I just look fat. More hormones!!! I will be six months on Monday and you can't even tell that I am pregnant. If I could do it all over again I would have worked my butt off (literally) and lost this weight before I got pregnant. But it is too late now.

And my appetite is HUGE! I have not eaten much at all this whole pregnancy. Some days I have to force myself to eat. Now I can't get full. And of course I don't want healthy foods. Fried chicken sandwiches. YUM! Sweet tea! Fried apple pis. mmmmm I can hear myself getting fatter!!! LOL I dread stepping on the scale next week.

Other than my hormonal roller coaster all is great!!!! It is crazy though how none of this surfaced for the first 6 months and it is now hitting me all at once. Please pray for hubby as he might run away from home!!! ;-)


  1. Aww Jess, I never looked pregnant with my babies either...I'm sure people wondered why I could hardley walk through Wal Mart without stopping!

  2. Oh wow, that sounds like hormones to the max! I'm sorry you are feeling bad about how you look, but just think about how exciting it will be to hold your baby in a few months.

    Never mind that skinny girl! You have plenty of time to work your butt off ;o

  3. I've definitely been there as far as the hormones go! I started crying and yelling in a restaurant because they weren't serving my favorite dish that day when I was about 6 months pregnant...lol.


    It won't last forever!

  4. I just wanted to say that I would have thrown that chicken also, but not back into the freezer. Its a good thing that I have bad aim. :D


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