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Sunday, October 4, 2009

WIll this be the week?

When I had my last appointment the coordinator told me that if I have not heard from her by my next period to give her a call. Well, I am due to start this Friday. So I will give it to Wednesday before I call, but hopefully she calls me first. If all is ready on their end I will be starting BCPs this week or early next week! It is kind of scary and a lot exciting! So much to do!!!

We have someone coming to look at our place this week so tomorrow is going to be a day of spring cleaning. Or would it be called fall cleaning?? A friend is coming over to help me all day. Though I am home all day right now I have been quite remiss in doing any deep cleaning. When I worked I kept up so much better. Now that I am home I am in front of this computer much too often and things pile up. And I have been "planning" on having a yard sale so there is boxes of stuff in the office just taking up space. So I want to clean that up and then make everything else sparkle. Nd hopefully they will love the place and we can begin packing for a move. If we move I am sure that we will be so busy I won't have time to worry about the upcoming FET.

So off to clean before my help comes over tomorrow. I would hate to ruin my image as a clean freak!!!

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  1. Have fun cleaning. Praying you sell your place! BCP's so exciting! Time will fly until your FET, just wait and see!


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