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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Injection instruction complete

So yesterday I had an appointment to learn how to give myself injections. It didn't take very long and looks quite simple. I am sure that feeling will change as I try to actually stick myself for the first time. The nurse told me that I can stick myself anywhere on the belly that I can pinch an inch (as long as it isn't too near the belly button). I told her that I was prepared and had been planning on this for years, hence the chubby belly! I am made for belly shots!!! She gave me a fake belly to practice with and I did fine. Hopefully the real ones are just as painless.

My 7 year old nice stayed the night Thursday night and knew that I had an appointment. She wanted to go with me but I informed her that I was learning how to give myself shots and she could not go. She is aware of the reason for the shots and is quite hopeful that they work and we have a baby. Anyway, I teasingly told her that I was going to practise on her when I got done and her response was: "But Jessie! I am only seven. I am too young to have babies." I cracked up!!! The birds and the bees talk is now complete for her! LOL

I will be ordering all of my meds on Monday. The nurse gave me the name of another pharmacy that might be cheaper. Their brochure claims that there is a pharmacist available 24/7 to answer your calls but someone obviously needs to inform that that 24/7 means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I have been trying to call since yesterday and no answer. I will try again Monday. So that about sums up where we are at right now. Lupron injection start on 11/11 and the real fun begins!!!!


  1. You're on your way!! So exciting!! :)

  2. LOL about the painless shots! Too funny! And Hilarious about your niece and saying she is only seven! Sooo cute!


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