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Monday, October 26, 2009

Dreading all of these pills

I had always assumed that if we ever did IVF or FET that I would dread the injections, but right now I think that I would prefer them over all of these pills! And I have not even started the majority of them yet. My morning consists of a Synthroid/BCP/antibiotic/2 folic acid cocktail. (The synthroid I already take and the antibiotic is for tonsillitis). Then at lunch I take 2 more folic acid and before bed is another antibiotic, 2 more folic acid and a prenatal the size of my pinkie toe! Today is my last day for the antibiotics which is really exciting!!! In three weeks I will be adding several more pills to the mix. I am starting to gag just thinking about it. Maybe I should crush them up and put them in mashed potatoes. Or, better yet, in some chocolate pudding!!! Now that sounds like a good plan! Think insurance would cover the pudding??

I keep looking over my list of meds and instead of fear I feel excitement. The injections are a little scary but I will not complain. And my RE allows progesterone in pill form and not the dreaded PIO shots! How awesome is that ?!?!?! It doesn't take much to excite me anymore.

Well, that's all for now. Gotta go take some more pills. bleh!


  1. I went straight for the shots since it's just once a day. BUT, we are all different. I was afraid I would forget the pills.

  2. Wow.. that is a ton of pills!!


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