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Friday, October 23, 2009

Great appointment today!

I had my protocol appointment today and everything is moving forward in an amazing way!! I return next Friday to learn how to do injections and begin lupron on 11/13. My transfer date is 12/11. I asked the nurse when people start to freak out and she said "right about now" and I did. Then she handed me a picture of the twins (that the donor couple had last year) and I just cried harder. They were beautiful! One had a head full of dark brown, almost black hair and big blue eyes. She was so pretty! The other one was bald, with big chubby cheeks and a mischievous glint in her eyes and a huge grin. Just adorable! As I looked at their precious faces it hit me that these two are my embryo's siblings. Talk about making it all so real to me. Only 7 weeks to go!!!!


  1. That's wonderful! Good luck!

    Will you be keeping in touch with their siblings as they grow up?

  2. How wonderful that the nurse showed you the picture just when you were beginning to freak out. I wish you tons of luck with the transfer.

    Creating a Family

  3. I am so happy for you!!! Congrats!!!


  4. Thanks, everyone!!!

    This is an anonymous donation so, no, we will have no contact. Just getting to see the pics of the donor couple's babies was more than I ever imagined we would get to see!! With anonymously donated embies you rarely get to do that.

  5. Gosh I wish you all the happiness in the world. Your baby to be is so lucky! Take good care of yourself sister, Happy ICLW. http://romancingthestone1.blogger.com Shell

  6. Wonderful you got to see pictures!!
    Blessing on the journey ahead!

  7. Great news and I'm truly happy things are moving forward for you. I love your previous post about the feeling of leaving IF sisters behind...I've been there myself and then found that I was in fact still on that same side even though I thought I had crossed the bridge. Now I just want to cross the bridge once and for all, and I do promise I'll never forget who's left behind. And nor will you. Love, Fran



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