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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It comes in 3's

They always say that pregnancy and death always come in threes. Have you ever wondered who the all-knowing "they" are, these so called experts? But I digress. Whether there is a scientific reason behind the thought or if it is just random, it does seem that these two events do come in sets of three. So what does that mean for the infertile? It means that with every pregnancy announcement comes the hope that we will be a part of the set of three. First announcement, you hope to be either the second or the third. After the second announcement you frantically begin ttc, hoping to be announcement number three. When someone else sweeps in with the third announcement you feel dejected, that all hope it lost. Until another announcement and the cycle continues.

When you are infertile you look for anything to give you hope. It has been quite awhile since I have been in this cycle as we have not been ttc for a few years. Now that we are approaching our FET it is all coming back to me. This past Sunday at church the second pregnancy was announced. So my mind starts its endless series of craziness and I am hoping to be #3. If someone else announces before we are pregnant then I will convince myself it is because we will have triplets and will be our own set of three. Hey, I never said I was sane!!!

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  1. This works for adoption too. Trust me because I'm doing it now.


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