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Monday, February 18, 2013

I am in Job-ville

Okay, so things are not as bad as it was for Job, but we are having a rash of bad luck. On Saturday night I had a much needed girls night out with a friend of mine. Hubby took Maddie over to their house and helped her hubby watch their kids. When my friend and I returned to her house my hubby was covered up and shivering. We thought for sure that he had the yucky, icky, nasty virus that Maddie and I had last week. We went home and he tried to rest. The next morning I went to church and when I returned he asked me to check his leg. He has a very large lymphodema and and has a history of cellulitis on it. The last two times he had it he almost died so it was very scary. When I checked his leg it showed all of the signs of infection so we headed to the ER which is where he is currently. Thankfully is nowhere as sick as he was the last time.

Please pray that he is better soon and can come home. Trying to care for Maddie, watch the 3 girls I babysit and travel back and forth to the hospital is very draining on me. If he can come home it would make it a lot easier for all of us.


  1. Praying. There have been times in my life when I felt a little Job-like as well. It's tough.

  2. Oh I remember you posting about this before!!! You all are in my thoughts and prayers ((HUGS))

  3. Oh, Jess. I wish I lived closer and could help you out somehow. I absolutely would do anything you needed. I am sorry you are going through all of this and I am sending endless prayers for you and your family!

  4. Praying for you all. I hate that you are having such a tough time!

  5. Oh Jess!! When it rains, it pours! I'm so sorry. Praying for you and DH!


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