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Thursday, February 14, 2013

when it rains......

I posted a few days ago that I had a tough weekend. Well, it got tougher. After my hormonal changes, UTI and migraine I woke up on Sunday feeling super tired, but better. I was so tired about the 15+ hours of a migraine that we stayed home from church so that I could rest. I laid back down around 9 am and took a short nap. For two hours. Only to wake up with fever and chills. I assume that I had the bug that Maddie had earlier in the week. Thankfully I did not throw up like she did but I felt awful. On Monday I felt quite a bit better but still achy and feverish though I really didn't run a temp. I finally felt normal on Wednesday which was amazing!!! Oh, and Monday and Tuesday **TMI HERE** I had the worst diarrhea ever! I could not leave my house. It was awful!! And all of this while still babysitting.

Then last night Maddie threw up all of herself in the car seat. While holding my phone. Have you ever cleaned vomit out of an iPhone? No? Be glad! It is not easy. That things has so many nooks and crannies that I had never noticed before. She continued this for a few hours, twice all over my bed. Two baths and 2 sets of bedding later we all finally went to bed. Because all of the kids that I watch have been exposed already their parents decided to bring them today. (yay me) One kid cried (aka threw a fit) for 30 minutes. One had explosive diarrhea 3 times in an hour. My older niece was sick last night so she came over too (she lives with dad and mom totally sucks as a parent so I 'baby' her when she is sick). And Maddie wanted to be held. It was NOT FUN!!!!!

All of this germy yuckiness coupled with my migraines has kept me from even thinking about scheduling my post-IVF consult. I can't even think straight let alone talk business on the phone. So next week I hope to start moving forward with getting the details for FET #2. Because my life isn't crazy enough I need another baby. :)


  1. I can not even imagine! I'm so sorry!

  2. Oh No! This flu bug is a nightmare! And from one migraine sufferer to another, honey, I'm sorry! The week is almost over and hopefully everyone will be healthy again very soon!

  3. Ugh! We've been plagued by sick was too! It's awful here- I'm so sorry you had to deal with all that. Here's praying for a better week next week!

  4. Yuck! Hope you all feel better soon!

  5. Oh WOW!!!! YUCK!!! Hope everyone is feeling better, your able to have a nice quiet weekend, and a much better week next week!

  6. ugh! Hope you all start feeling better soon! No one deserves this misery, but especially you after all you have been through this month1


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