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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

losing my patience....and my mind!

So hubby is STILL in the hospital (with cellulitis on lymphedema). His white blood cell count is back to normal. The issue is that his doctor is being a total douche. Yes, I called him a douche. It was the nicest mean thing I could think of right now. Hubby was admitted with a fever orally of 99.5 and in the ear of 103.5. Since he had chills, was achy and was hot to the touch the 103 sounded right. Well his wbc is back to normal but the dr is concerned about his 'fever'. Hubby feels fine, is no longer warm and orally is 98.4. The issue is that it is 101 in one ear and 100 in the other. Obviously he does not have a temp but the dr refuses to believe that. Also, lymphedema is a condition that many doctors are not very familiar with. Cellulitis is common and hubby has been battling this for 13 years. He has had 21 bouts of it, seen 3-4 surgeons, had an MRI, u/s and biopsy. It is a really bad case of lymphedema that causes a really bad case of cellulitis. Period. End of story. He has medical records at a different hospital, has an infectious disease dr that is familiar with is case, and is in decongestive therapy specifically designed for lymphedema right there at this hospital. Yet this dr wants to have the mass removed surgically. IT CAN"T BE DONE! Well, it can, but it will remove more lymph nodes thereby making the problems worse. We have explained this and even given him the information and doctors names yet he ignores us. Also, he wants the redness to be gone before he releases him. It takes 2-3 WEEKS before that happens! So he will have to sit there for WEEKS because this dr is a total fruit loop?? I completely get medical malpractice and the dr wanting to cover his butt, but this is ridiculous!

So tomorrow I have to call the insurance company and ask what repercussions there will be, if any, if hubby checks out against medical advice. I am also going to call the previous infectious disease specialist to see if they have privileges at this hospital and is so, can they see him. And I am calling the patient advocate for help as well. If hubby needs to be there, fine. We both want him healthy. But if he is fine to come home, then let him. The earliest the douchy fruit loop dr will consider releasing his is Friday and even then he acted like it was a long shot.

Please pray that we can get some answers and get him home!!


  1. Oh wow!!! As if it isn't frustrating enough!!! Thinking of you guys and praying for answers. ((Hugs))

  2. That is rotten! Like he's refusing to look at the rest if his records. Hopefully the patient advocate will help... You're in my prayers!

  3. Praying! It's always distressing when doctors are anticomforting.

  4. Usually if you leave AMA your insurance may not cover your stay. I know you will check that out with them.Can you ask for transfer to another facility? To the one that has the better treatment for your husband?Keep us posted.Praying for this to be a good outcome.


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