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Monday, February 25, 2013

Maddie has "bugs"

There is nothing more fun in the world than a 2 year old. They are hilarious!!! Their perception of the world around them is interesting and often funny. The other day she woke up and her hands were asleep. This was new to her and she had no clue what was wrong, just that it felt bad. She started saying "Mommy, it hurs, it hurs. Bugs, mommy! Bugs evweywhere. Call da doctah! Call da doctah!" She thought that bugs were biting her and there was no way to explain it was just tingly and numb and would be fine in a minute. Poor kid! But it was funny!!!

Now she thinks that when something 'hurs' (hurts) that bugs are biting her. Tonight she was taking a bath and her hoonie hurt. Yes, I am one of those parents that use cutesy names for body parts and we call her vagina her hoonie. She told me it was hurting and insisted that I kiss it. Really?? I told her no, that I wasn't kissing it and she laughed and said "Yes, mommy, kiss it." So I kissed my hand and transferred it to her. Crazy kid! Well that didn't take the pain away so she started telling me that there was a bug in there. She got out of the tub and we put some diaper cream on her. She proclaimed the bugs "all gone!" and ran out to tell her daddy that the "hoonie bugs all gone!". Now I just hope that she doesn't ask random strangers if they have "hoonie bugs"!!! Toddlers are crazy!


  1. LOL!!! OMG that is hilarious- too cute!! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Lol! Yup we call it her WooHoo! Now she tells me every night "lotion WooHoo!". Lol! This age is so fun!

  3. I saw the title and was anticipating a post about lice or something--so glad Maddie's "bugs" aren't real bugs!

  4. I'm with Diane- I saw your title and thought "oh no- not that too!" So glad to read a funny post!
    We haven't picked a name for her vagina yet- but we'll probably end up going with "HooHa" b/c that's what we called mine during pregnancy. (As in "no your mother cannot watch me push a baby out of my HooHa.")
    I'm loving every minute of life with my 1 year old and I love reading what I have to look forward to. Every day gets more and more fun!


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