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Monday, November 29, 2010

What to do with leftover meds?

I was going through the medicine cabinet and found that I still have half a prescription of Estrace and 10 vials of Heparin leftover from my FET. It expires in February 2011 and I hate to throw it away. My clinic required brand name Estrace and it was over $350 for a one month supply. That is almost $4 a pill. I might cry if I have to trash it. I would donate it to my clinic but it has since closed. Will other clinics take it? I wish that there was a central location to donate all fertility meds to and it could be distributed to couples that need it. Or that it was legal to share it with others. I understand why you can't sell it or give it away, but I think that there should be a way to do so.

Anyone know of a place to donate it? Or if another local clinic will take it even if I am not their patient? All suggestions welcome. Wither respond here or shoot me an email. Please! Before I cry and throw it away.


  1. I know that different yahoo groups have members who offer to give their extra away-

  2. We have a free clinic that takes leftover meds like that. You might check around and see if your area has one.

  3. If you figure out what to do with them let me know - I have leftovers too!

  4. I agree there should be a central local to donate fertility meds!!! I donated mine to my docs office, to help those who might be having trouble with the cost of things etc... I hope you find some place!

  5. I donated mine back to my pharmacy.. they were very appreciative. If you don't have a pharmacy in your area contact me and maybe mine would take it. I know they wouldn't take an pill bottle but they took anything that was still sealed.


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