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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Infertility portrayed on TV

In the past few years I have noticed a huge increase in story lines that include infertility in one way or another. For the most part I see this as a positive thing. Maybe infertility will lose some of it's taboo-ness now that we see it on television. And maybe the fertile world will realize that not everyone can pop out a baby. Though I do not watch the show, as I hate reality TV, I do like that Bill & Giuliana have chosen to allow the world to see their struggle. I hurt for them, but I respect them for allowing us to see this very private pain. And the fact that it is not storybook perfect helps. Not that I don't want them to succeed because I do! No one should have to endure infertility!! But so often fertiles tell us to "just do IVF" assuming that it works for everyone when we all know that is not the case for many. Their story is proof of that.

What I don't like about some of these shows is that they get things so very wrong sometimes! I can't tell you how many times I watch a show and am pleasantly surprised to see that they have included infertility only to see them ruin it with them adopting and then getting pregnant. No wonder people seem to think that this is how it works! Or they get some diagnosis and the treatment plan given is totally off the wall. For the fertiles they may not catch this, but we infertiles will every time. And while speaking of fertility faux paus there is a credit card commercial that irritates me every time I see it. The woman is obviously pregnant and sitting on the floor surrounded by baby stuff. In walks her husband and she informs him that she used the card and it gives them points. She takes him into the nursery to show him 3 baby beds and 3 car seats, her way of telling him that they are having twins. Seriously?? Like it is even possible to get that far into a pregnancy and not know that there are 3 in there?? The commercial is bogus!

But back to the infertility part of television....I am really glad to see that it has become more common. Now if they could just get it right!


  1. Yeah- I've noticed the same thing. I hate when they have these fairly tale stories where a couple has trouble getting pregnant and then end up with some cliche of an ending. "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" was a recent one that was pretty bad.

  2. UGH seriously. I am glad it is more widely known in the entertainment world, but it is so inaccurate! That's why I hated "Two Good Eggs" I think it's called. They go through this entire book of how hard it was going through IF, all the signs and symptoms, what to do about it, etc. In the end both women have *surprise* BFP's after thinking about adoption, going on vacation and not TTC anymore. That pisses me off!

  3. One movie that I thought portrayed infertility in the most realistic way was "Julie and Julia". It is the first time I saw infertility in the media and said to myself (and others) yup. . . that is exactly what it is like.

  4. I totally agree! It's great in the fact that it potentially raises awareness, but the general public is being misinformed when they take some of this info at face value. It really irks me when they get it wrong, and I always tell my DH that they need to hire me (or any one of my "blogger buddies") as an infertile consultant.

  5. I read often, but don' comment much. BUT, that commercial totally boggles my mind as well!! And pisses me off all at the same time. As if you can get to being THAT pregnant without knowing that there were 3 in there! GAH!

  6. I thought the exact same thing when I saw that commercial! Ridiculous!


  7. Yeah, that commercial drives me nuts too. It's not like 40 years ago when my mom's cousin WAS truly surprised with 3 in the delivery room!

    I've watched most of the bill and guiliana shows since early this year. I figured their first ivf would work, and it would be a fairy tale from there on out, so I am also glad that they are being so open about their miscarriage. I know it also has to be hard for her to admit that her age could possibly be a factor. Aging eggs, premature or otherwise is just reality that a lot of us were never told about in health class.

    The other thing that bugs me is that a lot of folks - and I've heard it on many a tv show - think we are "implanting" embryos when we are actually just transferring them in hopes that they will implant.

  8. Ha! Ha! I just watched "What Happened to the Morgans?". It is actually what caused me to write this.

  9. It really has become more common on TV and even in magazines, which is nice. It DOES let fertiles know that a lot of people struggle with infertility, and hopefully it gives them a little perspective on how lucky they are that they don't have to go through treatments to be parents.

    It drives me nuts when TV shows and movies get facts wrong too. Seriously, if you are going to go to the trouble of presenting information, at least get the facts straight.

    That commercial totally drives me nuts too. I want to throw things at the people who made it. lol

  10. Oh I agree too! =) On a side note... I usually HATE reality TV too but it is b/c of Guiliana's IF struggle that I have started watching her show & have been loving it (hers is the ONLY reality show I even watch). I'm so glad they are opening up about their struggles but hate that they're or anyone has to go through this. =(

  11. i blogged about guiliana and bill, too! at first i thought - oh sure, they will make IVF look like so easy and 100% guaranteed. but no. they are showing the reality of it - not common on reality shows!

    i thought that UP was a great representation of IF. i was totally unprepared for it and had to scrunch down in my seat so everyone wouldn't see me crying my eyes out!!


  12. And I thought I was the only one who was irritated beyond all get out with that damn credit card commercial! I turn it every time it comes on!


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