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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Infertility makes you cRaZy!!!!

I am sitting here this morning drinking a cup o' joe and eating some sausage balls, wonderfully delicious sausage and cheesy goodness. Then all of a sudden I get hit with a wave of nausea. My first thought?? You guessed it! "Maybe I am pregnant?!?!?". There are so many things wrong with this scenario it ain't even funny! 1) I never even had morning sickness or even nausea so my mind shouldn't even go there. 2) I am on my period as we speak! and 3) I haven't even had any nookie since I had the baby. Okay, we haven't even done it for over 13 weeks! They say it is like riding a bike....let's hope so!! Cause right now I think that I have completely forgotten what goes where!!!

So, no, I am not pregnant. Though I wish that I was. But I am not. I am just feeling icky to my stomach. And slightly crazy from infertility. Good to know that things never change!
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  1. I agree. Sometimes I think that when my period does not show up, or when weird things are happening with my body and then I think - what I have no fallopian tubes! Ha, ha. Although really sometimes it is not funny because as you know we wish it could be true.

  2. I know that feeling...the funny thing for me is, pregnancy doesn't even make me sick! But when I'm not pregnant, I convinced I am, every single month.

  3. I have thought this also.You never know though.Thanks for updating your blog.I read this and it makes me smile.


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