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Monday, November 8, 2010

EA program with NO waitlist!

I am not affiliated with this clinic, nor am I even familiar with it. Someone on a forum posted this information that they received as an email. The program did their home study for domestic adoption and they later received this information. I am passing it along in case someone wants to check it out!

Children's Connections Crystal Angels embryo adoption program is looking for adopting parents who have a completed and approved home study and are interested in pursuing embryo adoption. We have genetic parents in our program who wish to share their gift of embryos with adopting parents. Due to our tremendous outreach efforts with Texas clinics, we are in the precarious situation of having more genetic parents donating embryos than we have adopting parents at this time. If you or anyone you know is interested in building a family through embryo adoption, please contact our embryo adoption coordinator, Julie Hames for additional information. Julie can be reached at 210.452.9773 or julie@childrensconnections.org.

Hope that this is a help to someone!!!

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