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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do I follow you??

You know, I was thinking about the term "followers". It reminds of a Jim Jones kinda thing. Ya know, his "followers". Or maybe a guru and his "followers". Does that make me a guru? Hmmm....I think I like having "followers". Though I promise to never ask you to drink kool-aide!

Now back to the question. Do I follow you? If you follow my blog I wanna follow yours!! I have asked this before but wanted to make sure I have everyone. Some of you that follow don't have links back to your blog so I can't find you. I promise not to stalk you. Too much! So if you follow me and want me to follow you please let me know!


  1. I have no idea if you follow me - but I know you must have more important things to do than read my lunacy! :-)

  2. Actually, tsivfer, I don't follow you because I don't know how. I am not very familiar with WordPress and have a hard time following those that use it unless they have a place to sign up for emails. If you know how I can follow you please let me know!! I would love to!

  3. Hi Jess!
    My name is Jess and I totally follow you because I found your story touching :) You are more than welcome to follow me- only I never post so there is not much going on there- ever.

  4. I have no idea if you follow me, because wordpress blogs don't show me that. But I have a blogger reader (as I also have a blogger blog) and I follow you through that!

  5. I don't think taht you follow me< and I have no idea if you know taht I read your blog daily!!! I have no idea how to do the following thing, lol. Maybe you can explain it to me.

    I do have a blog and I don't post often, but I would really like too. Please come and check me out. I am currently starting my embryo adoption and We are very excited!

    check me out at: www.greatkiserfamily.blogspot.com


  6. well, I thought you followed me but then I looked and you don't. I would be honored if you did, but I can't blog everyday so I don't know how interested you would be.

  7. I ate a Skinny Chick...I follow you now!

    Heather, yep, I follow you!

    Kristy, I now follow you. To follow someone is easy. At the top left of the screen (on the person's blog) is the word Follow. Just click that and you can choose to follow a person and they will be added to your blog list. I just checked out your blog and I am excited to follow you! And thanks for reading mine!

    Bethanie, I didn't know you had 3 blogs. I have been following one of them, but am now following all of them. =)

  8. I'm not an EA blog, but here I am! mylifeafterloss.blogspot.com

  9. I follow you!

    Feel free to follow me too!


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