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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An Award!!!

I want to thank Shannon over at Room For More for giving me this award!

The rules of the "One Lovely Blog Award" are as follows:
Accept your award and post it on your blog along with a link to the person who has sent it to you. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you have newly discovered. You must contact the person to let them know that you have chosen them to receive the award.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS on the award and THANK YOU THANK YOU for nominating me for the award:) MUCH appreciated!

  2. Congratulations and thanks for nominating me :)

  3. Thank you for nominating me! :) And congrats on yours! ;)

  4. I love awards. Congrats on your's.

  5. Congratulations & Thank you!!! My first award:-)

  6. Congrats & thanks for sending love my way...hope you're having a wonderful day with your precious little girl!

  7. Thank you!!! and Congratulations on your new little beauty!

  8. Thanks Jess!!! :0) Sorry, I've been a horrible blogger!!


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