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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just heartbreaking

There are some stories that you hear that make you sad. Others that burden you. And some that just break your heart. The story of Leslie Joy Evans is just such a story. A few days ago another blogger posted a link to a blog about Leslie and since then my heart has been burdened for this family. Leslie and her husband, Mark, were married just over a year ago. This was Mark's second marriage. His first wife passed away two years prior to this and he had 2 children. Not long after they were married they found that they were expecting twins. The rest is directly from the blog:

At 19 weeks pregnant on a Sunday morning, Leslie's water broke. They rushed her to the hospital where they immediately admitted her. They found out that it was just a tear in the amniotic sac, so she wasn't losing all of the amniotic fluid. Since they were fraternal twins, it was only baby A's sac that had torn. Baby B was fine.

The doctors wanted to keep her in the hospital, because of an infection risk and could go in to labor at any time. But they were very positive. Leslie was also very positive and would do anything it took to help her babies progress in the pregnancy. She even hung at such an angle that she joked she was hanging like a bat.

Leslie remained in the hospital for two weeks before she went in to labor with the twins. At 12:15pm on Sunday, September 26, baby A was born. Marisa was stillborn. Not long after, she started delivering baby B. Mac was alive, but his lungs were not developed enough to live. Leslie did get to see both of her babies. During the delivery of the placenta, Leslie looked as though she had passed out. But within seconds they realized she had gone into cardiac arrest. A nurse jumped on top of her and immediately started doing CPR and gave her oxygen and resuscitation medicine. Leslie was down for 17 minutes before they were able to revive her.

Today the blog posted the sad news that Leslie has gone home. For Leslie today is a day of rejoicing. She is holding her little ones and with her Lord. For Mark, her step children and her family today is a day of mourning. My heart is breaking for this family. Please take a moment to lift this family up in prayer in the days to come. They are definitely going to need it.


  1. Oh Jess, this is the most heartbreaking story I think I've ever heard. I cannot imagine what her husband is going through it's so beyond awful and tragic. It's far more loss than any family should have to bear.

  2. My God...I can't say anything...


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