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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So you had a bad day....

This song keeps playing through my head. I have not had the best day today. Or yesterday. Where do I start? Hmmmm......Well, yesterday was my 33rd birthday. My mom and my sister came over to paint the nursery (yay!) and I watched my nieces in the living room. My hubby was packing to leave to go out of town and my brother stopped over as did my sister's fiance. Can anyone say full house??? Everyone but my mom and sister left and things quieted down which was nice. My hubby got me the new iPhone for my birthday. I love that man! He ordered it through Apple but it had not come in yet, so my brother informed us that Wal.mart had it in stock and he went to pick it up. I was so excited! Until he got it home and it was not activated. The associate had called Apple and was told that it could take up to 24 hours to activate. Excuse me?!?!?! This is my only phone. Hubby is out of town. I am 8 1/2 months pregnant. Do you see the problem?? There was no way I could be without my phone for that long.

So I called AT&T and they told me that it would take up 30 minutes and it should be working. Tick. Tick. Tick. Thirty minutes later and guess what? No service. So I give it a full hour. By this time I am livid. I go to Wal.mart and they are no help. Then I drive 12 miles to the AT&T corporate store for help. They give me the same song and dance that it will take a short time to activate. I kindly informed them that it had now been 3 whole hours and I was not happy!! (read really ticked off pregnant woman on a rampage) It took about 20 minutes and miraculously they fixed it. By this time I was hot, tired and crabby. And of course the trip home put me in traffic and let's just say I needed anger management for my road rage. But then I got home and was able to relax and enjoy my birthday and thought that all was well. And it was....until 11 pm when my freezer began growling at me. There was an ice build up around the fan blade and it was noisy!! I scraped it and it worked....for a few hours. It started again at 3 am and I was up blow drying the stupid freezer trying to defrost this area. During this late night episode I broke one of the fan blades. Fan-freaking-tastic!!! I had to order a replacement for $60 and send all of my stuff over to my mom's house.

And then there was today. I had my 34 week appointment and it starts off with my blood pressure being too high. Just great! Then he informed me that I had protein in my urine and have to do the 24 hour urine test. So I brought home a large, bright orange jug to pee in. Lovely. And I am on modified bed rest. Thankfully my fridge still works or I would have to stay with my mom to keep my pee cold. And how nasty is it to keep pee in your fridge?? Just yuck! And to top it all off I was supposed to go out of town this Thursday through Sunday and now that is canceled.

I had blood work done today and so far that does not indicate preeclampsia (yay!) and I have more blood work tomorrow as well as my urine tested (glad I don't have that job!). Then another visit with my OB on Friday.

So this has been my week! And it is only Tuesday! Please pray that I do not have preeclampsia and that my blood pressure can be controlled though meds. Miss Maddie needs a few more weeks before she is ready to be here. And for everyone around me as I am on the warpath!!


  1. Its no wonder your blood pressure is high with all of the stress you've had.

  2. For the 24 hour urine test: get a big cooler and fill it with ice. Then keep the orange jug in the cooler so you do not have to store it in your fridge. I did bleach down my cooler after this, but it was easier than bleaching down the whole fridge.

    Sorry to hear about the bad couple of days. Hang in there!

  3. Grrr! After hearing everything that is going on with the phone, freezer, and traffic, I'm not surprised your blood pressure was high. Anyone's would be. Its good that the initial tests came back normal. I am praying the rest of them do too. Preeclampsia is not fun. My sister and one of my best friends had it.

    Just try to take care of yourself, and do anything that helps you relax or makes you happy.

  4. Ugh. None of that sounds good.

    I've been in on the collecting of 24 hour urines at work and I've gotta say: Nasty! I always have to hold my breath!

    I hope your week gets better soon!

  5. Praying for you Jess. Its no wonder your BP was high. Praying all is well and you don't have preeclampsia and that Miss Maddie stays in a couple more weeks.

  6. Oh girl! What a wipe all those things! The being up working on my freezer would of put me over the top... I love my sleep!! ha ha!


  7. I'm not surprised your BP is up! I'm so sorry about all those frustrations! Especially the freezer! Hopefully you can relax today.

  8. Sounds like a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! And I wouldn't be surprised at all if all that stuff was the reason your BP was elevated.

    Happy Birthday, though!

  9. Sounds like you are traveling a similar road to me except thankfully you are starting much later! I had my first 24 hr urine at 8weeks and did them the entire way through-WHAT A PAIN! Praying all goes perfect and No PRE-E! HUGS!

  10. Happy Birthday! My hubby turned 33 a day after you! It's a great age!!!


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