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Monday, July 26, 2010

Good news!

I had an appointment today with my OB to check my BP and protein levels again. There was still protein in my urine and I need to do another 24 urine test, but my BP was FANTASTIC!!!!! This was great news! I have officially been diagnosed with mild preeclampsia but the bed rest is working and I should be able to continue with bed rest unless there is a drastic change in my BP. And it looks like he will induce my in 2 weeks instead of three. Holy cow!!! Only 2 more weeks!! I can't believe how soon she will be here. It still seems so unreal.

On a side note the part for the freezer has been ordered and will be here on Wednesday. YAY! And my A/C has been thoroughly cleaned and we are crossing our fingers that this was all that it needed. And my worry about money? God has already been providing. There was an unexpected check in the mail today for $350!! God is so good!


  1. Praise God - Great news about everything!

  2. AWESOME!!! A nice little hug from God on all of that! PTL! Great to hear.. thanks for sharing!

  3. Hooray for good news and working AC!!

  4. You dont know me. I was blog hoping and came across yours. How exciting for some good news!!!
    Everything counts in this journey of infertility.

    I am also going through infertility. I have been in the battle of seven years. I have just started my own blog. It is not about my journey, or how to get pregnant, or all the methods out there. It is more about "keeping the hope" for you, others, me, and just anyone. It was started after a very long emotional blog on my family blog. someone read my blog and started a facebook group called "Keeping the hope for you." It was for my friends and family to keep the hope of me while I did not have the energy to do in myself. So hence my blog...http://keepingthehope4you.blogspot.com

    That is what the blog is about...helping everyone and anyone who either wants to keep the hope of them or a love one. keep our spirits up while we ride with roller coaster. I hope you stop by. I would love your comments, ideas, and thoughts.

    Good Luck to you,


  5. That IS fantastic - on all accounts. Two weeks...wow!

  6. Horray! Much better news - things are looking up.

  7. Visiting from ICLW. Sounds like things are looking up for you! I am thinking of pursuing embryo adoption next, and I am inspired by your story. Hope everything continues to go well for you...

  8. Get out!!! 2 weeks! HOORAY : )
    I love when God magnifies his blessings! Thanks for sharing!!


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