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Friday, July 16, 2010

Feature Friday

Each Friday I am going to try to feature a few blogs that have caught my attention. Many times I read a blog post and relate so well to what the author has written and wish that everyone could read it. So now you can! Or maybe a blogger is in a place where she needs extra support. Or a post may just be freakin' hilarious. Whatever the reason, if it catches my attention I want to share it here. And it is my blog, so I can!

Jonelle at In The Middle With You wrote this post about Apple's new commercial. Thank You Apple Inc, for Once Again Reminding Me That I'm Infertile.

Chelle at Once An Infertile wrote this post, Only An Infertile, that I am sure we can all relate to.

Now, for an update on me. Which is why you are here, I am sure. I am heading out here in a few minutes for an ultrasound. They are checking Maddie's growth. She was on the smaller side and they want to make sure she is growing on schedule, especially with my thyroid levels being all jacked up. I am hoping not only to hear that she is growing and healthy, but also to finally get a good look at her. I want at least one good photo of her in utero! I will update this afternoon. Until then, visit these blogs!!


  1. Hope your appointment goes well and Maddie cooperates! :)

  2. Sweetie very best of luck for the appointment, I'm sure Maddy will be bigger but not sure she'll show her beauty just yet!!

  3. Ha ha! You are too funny about citing my blog post.

    I hope the scan goes well, and that sweet Maddy is just fine, which I am sure she is. Tell her hello for me!


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