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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Puff Mommy

Move over Puff Da.ddy, here comes Puff Mommy! I swear, I never knew that 2 legs could hold this much fluid! Seriously, I am puffy. My face is puffy. My hands are puffy. My knees, calves, cankles, feet and even toes are puffy. And so not pretty! I wore flip flops on Tuesday night and my feet swelled so much that I still have 2 marks on my feet from the straps. If I wear regular shoes I spread them out so far that I walk on the sides of them. And I even had to go up to a size......gulp.....11....Ack! And to top it all of I dropped a 24 oz bottle of water on my left foot. It left a bruise. And the next day I dropped a can of veggies on my right foot. It too left a bruise.

All of this has earned me a pedicure. I am going to get one in a few hours. Hopefully I do not scare them when they see my puffy feet and bruises and strap marks.


  1. You poor girl!! I am glad to say I've avoided major swelling with just 4 weeks to go... I hope it gets better for you soon! Isn't the clumsiness great?? not!

  2. Hang in there--you're almost there!

  3. Not much longer!
    You are keeping an eye on your blood pressure, right?

  4. aww jess I am so sorry, mine was so bad I was on partial bedrest. I wish I had advice, besides laying down :) They told me when I delivered it would last 6 weeks but it only lasted about 2. This too shall pass!

  5. Ashley, yes they are watching my blood pressure very closely. I had HBP a few years ago so my doc is careful about it. So far it has been perfect every time.

  6. I had weekly pedicures in month 8 & 9 of my last pregnancy. It was wonderful!!!! ENJOY!!


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