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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Contractions and .......catnip???

This week has been a bit hectic. I woke up on Tuesday having some contractions. Nothing to get excited about, but definitely real ones. I wasn't going to call my OB about them, but with my BP issues I called to ask if I needed to do anything. I did. He sent me to L&D just to check if I was dilated and to make sure my BP was still good. I am not dilated. At all. Not even 1 cm. Bummer! But my BP was excellent! And there was no protein in my urine this time. I swear this kid is trying to make a liar out of me!! The OB at the hospital had a hard time believing that I have mild pre-e. Oh, and while I was hooked up to the monitors it did show that I was having contractions, but not very many and not very strong. The contractions were much worse before I got to the hospital and picked up again once I left. And when they put the heart monitor on me I told them that the OB only finds her heartbeat on my left side, never the right. Guess what? She made a liar out of me again. They found it on the right this time. Stinker!!! She also hated the monitors and spent an hour trying to kick them off of her. I am going to have my hands full with this one!

So I am home and still on bed rest. I just finished my 24 hour urine test again. Nothing like carrying around a big jug o' pee! Today is our 12th anniversary and I am really hoping that after my appointment tomorrow that he will allow me to go out for our anniversary. I just want to go to Olive Garden for lunch. I have been craving it for about a week now! Hubby was going to go and pick it up for us today but I would rather wait to see if we can just go out instead.

Oh, and the catnip? Well, since about 13 weeks my nipples have been huge and dark. Very dark! Hubby calls me his Nation.al Geographic woman. Funny guy! But anyway, after my shower each morning I dry off them stumble over to sink to find my contacts and put them in. My cat, Winston, has always felt the need to sit on the counter in front of me and watch me. Now, as I lean over to see myself in the mirror, he has decided that my huge nips are a play toy and bites at them, hence the term catnip. I am just glad he has been declawed!!


  1. It won't be long now! I know you are excited! 'Catnip'...that is hilarious!!!! I want to ask (because I am fairly new to the blogging world)- why do some put periods/dots in the middle of proper names or name brands? I've looked up blog etiquette but can't find anything! Curiosity is killing this cat...lol

  2. You know, I have always wondered that too!! From what I can gather it is too keep your blog post form showing up in a search for that particular word. I assume that is the case. I just do it because I wanna be like the other bloggers! ;-)

  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Hope you get to go to Olive Garden! YUM! And great news about no protein in the urine and your BP! WHoo Hooo!

  4. I'm glad to hear the pre-e isn't a problem right now. That can be so scary. At least you got some relief out of knowing your BP isn't elevated.

    Happy anniversary! I hope you get to go out and eat.

    Silly kitty.


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