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Friday, July 23, 2010

Not the news I was hoping for.....

At my 34 week appointment this past Monday my BP was elevated and there was protein in my urine. I had to do a 24 urine catch as well as 2 sets of blood work. All of my blood work came back normal and my BP has remained in the normal range since then, even today at my appointment. But my protein was high from the 24 urine catch. At 300 they consider you as having preeclampsia. Mine was 299. Still under the cut off, but too high for comfort. I have not been diagnosed with preeclampsia at this time but my doctor is afraid that I will develop it soon.

So here is where we are:

* I am to be on modified bed rest. I can attend one service at church on Sundays, but that is all. No cleaning. No cooking. No finishing the nursery either.

* My baby shower has to be rescheduled until after the baby is born.

* I see my OB 2x a week now.

* I have to do a repeat 24 urine catch (yuck!) as well as more blood work.

* I will be delivering Maddie within the next 3 weeks. If I have not gone into labor on my own before week 38 then I will be induced.

* If I have any symptom of preeclampsia I have to head to L&D immediately!

* My hubby travels with is job and he has canceled everything but a few of his overnight meetings. This will put a financial strain on us, but it will be safer to have him here with me instead of me being alone.

So now we wait! And pray!!! Please pray that Maddie stays safe for another 3 weeks and that if anything needs medical attention that I am aware of it and get to the hospital in time.


  1. Follow those orders, girl! Lay on your left side and try to keep everything chill. Watch movies, tv, do computer stuff, whatever, but keep it low key. Try to keep the visitors to a minimum (harder than you'd think, I know!). I'm praying she stays put for awhile more! It will all be worth it in the end, mama!

  2. Praying for you and baby Maddie!

  3. Take care and follow orders! You are gonna be a mommy so SOON!!

  4. Praying, Praying, Prayin! Keep in the Bed!! =)

  5. I too was on bedrest it can be hard but it is so very worth it.Just try to keep your mind busy.I was on strict for 6 weeks and then modified for another 2 it was hard.I spent a lot of time online, watching TV/movies,reading, talking on the phone,eating (ugh! I don't suggest too much of that one I am paying for it now :-P lol) and snuggling with hubby.There are some bedrest support groups online one of them is called sidelines.http://www.sidelines.org/ I wish I had known about them when I was on bedrest but I didn't find out about them until later. Hope that helps. ((hugs))

  6. Sorry about the bed rest, but glad that Maddie is continuing to do well. She'll be here so soon! Prayed for you guys today. :)

  7. I have been in your shoes exactly! Praying all goes well!

  8. No cleaning- woo hoo!! Take it easy and know that you're in our prayers!


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