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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

We are finally home and man, does it feel good!! We got home about 10 pm last night and went right to bed. I slept 6 hours straight, which is the most that I have slept in a long time. it felt heavenly! The trip was long as I had to stop 9 times for potty breaks. Crazy!! I got up in time today to get ready for a friend's birthday party and am now back home resting. I have only been gone a week and apparently grew while gone as everyone keeps telling me that I am huge. This is the only time that I love being told that I am huge! LOL Unfortunately my face, hands and feet are huge as well. Which is not fun!! I am so puffy. And there is nothing cute about puffy.

I have my baby shower next Saturday and I am getting quite excited about it. I will be sure to take and post photos for all of you. Then you can see me in all my puffy glory!!!


  1. Ooooh how fun about your shower! Enjoy every second. Take time to really look at everyone that is there! Stuff like that can be such a blur because it seems to go so fast and its so fun! Hope you get tons of great stuff!

    And I feel your pain on Puffy! My feet were elephant feet... Just insane! ha ha! Just wait until that puffiness goes away! Its amazing! ha ha! I do NOT have pretty feet but I remember showing everyone and Saying.. Arent they sexy?!?! ha ha ha ha!

  2. Welcome home!! Yeah, the puffy stage is no fun, but ohhhh so worth it ; ) Hang in there! Happy Independence Day!!

  3. Can't wait to see your pictures!!! =)

  4. Jess first of all thank you so much for your reassuring comment on my blog! I really needed it! Second, I'm delighted you are back, you endured A LOT in your time away and I can't wait to see the pics of your shower! Love, Fran


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