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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just in case....

I am an avid yard sale-er (not a real word, I know). Every year I anticipate the first day of yard sale-ing like a kind looks for Santa! I can barely sleep the night before! Today marked the start of yard sale season. There were not too many sales out today but I was able to begin buying baby stuff. It felt...odd. Like I was a fraud, just playing a pretend game or something. But there really is a baby in there and I only have 4 1/2 months to get what I need so I thought that I should get started.

Because we do not know the gender I am limited in what I can buy. I am not a "gender neutral" kinda gal. I need pinks or blues! So I stuck to buying things like a shopping cart cover and some crib sheets. It was so hard to pass up frilly dresses or cute little boy outfits. But there was one thing that I couldn't pass up:


My hubby is a Cards fan and if we have a baby boy he must have some Cardinal wear. That was the compromise I made with hubby. He wanted the nursery done in Cards and that wasn't happening! So I bought this outfit for a $1 today. It is in perfect condition and will look adorable on our future baseball player....if we have one. If not, I am only out a dollar.

Just 10 more days until I can really start shopping! I. CAN'T. WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Jess-
    I think that is neutral enough that a girl could wear it. Or it would make a good 4th of July outfit, if nothing else.
    Do you need me to pick up some Steelers gear?

  2. If we have a girl my niece has a pink Cards outfit that will work great. And hubby loves Steelers!! My next time in PA I am going to have to look for some stuff. And I hate sports! LOL

  3. Cute, Jess. At least you have a reason for shopping for baby clothes. I was at Kohl's the other day and I stopped to look at the little Easter dresses. I wanted to buy one.

    I hope the 10 days go by fast :)

  4. Congratulations on your pregnancy, you have been blessed.


  5. Girl, If you have a girl I MUST give you the website where I've purchased some sweetness for my sweet girl! SO EXCITED for you to find out :)

  6. Hello here from ICLW

    I can relate to being addicted to yard saling. My thing is thrift stores. We have some really nice ones around here from Hospice. They are so clean and nice!! I have bought a lot of baby clothes in there.

    I can imagine how excited you are to find out what the gender is!! I am pregnant with my second son. ;)

    ICLW #137

  7. WOW! 10 days! WOW! I'm so happy for you!

    Happy ICLW

  8. Sooooo excited that you get to find out so soon! And cute outfit!


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