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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sorry to Disappoint!

I have been extremely blessed so far with not having many symptoms of pregnancy. In those first weeks I lamented the lack of morning sickness and sore boobs. But once I hit 12 weeks I was fine with feeling great! I have a super sense of smell and I pee once a night. That is about it! I know, some of you are snarling at me right now. I don't blame you!

Every day I get the "How are you feeling?" question from people and I always answer "Great!". You should see the looks that people give me! I think that they are disappointed that I am not puking my guts out and miserable. Now I will admit that the ligament pain is not fun, and I swear that this baby is using my bladder as a pillow, but really, I do feel great! I think that other women want to relive their pregnancies and commiserate with me, but there is nothing for me to complain about. And really, I waited 11 long years for this pregnancy, paid a small fortune, and cried many tears. I think that I have earned a reprieve! Maybe I should just start making things up to appease people. ;-)


  1. People say that you get less morning sick with each one, ha! this is #3 and I am sick as a dog.

  2. I am so glad you don't have morning sickness, it really isn't very fun :)

  3. Glad you're still feeling great! Maybe that means this baby will be very laid back and easy going.

  4. I never got morning sickness until my 3rd pregancy(twins).You are doing great, enjoy every minute of it :-)

  5. Glad you feel great! I do too-NOW LOL! It was all worth it though! Either way we are SO BLESSED! I praised God in my sickness and praise him that you don't have any! YIPPEE!


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