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Monday, March 8, 2010

When things don't work out....

Today my heart is heavy for a friend of mine, Stacy. She and I moderate a Christian infertility forum together and through the past few years have gotten to know each other fairly well. She and her hubby have been on the waiting list for adoption for 2 years and were on a waiting list for embryo adoption for over a year. In January they got the call from their clinic telling them that it was time to choose embryos for their first FET. Things moved quickly from there and I really thought that this was "it" for them. Sadly, today she found out that the FET did not work. My hurt is so heavy for them right now. I just cannot understand why this did not work out for them! But I do know that God is in control and am praying that He will give them the desires of their heart. If you have a moment please stop by her blog and leave her a word of encouragement.


  1. How heartbreaking. :( I will swing over to her blog.

  2. Such sad news. Headed to her blog to send her a hug and also lifting her hurting heart in prayer right now. :(


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