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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I forget

I would never have thought that it would happen to me, but I continually forget that I am pregnant! Part of this is because I am chubby and not showing. Another reason is that I have no symptoms. In the beginning pregnancy was all I thought about, but now that I am waiting to find out the gender it seems like time is standing still and I forget that I am pregnant. I often catch myself eating something that I shouldn't be eating. I try to wear clothing that is now too snug. I just....forget.

Last night I was babysitting my 5 month old niece and my 7 year old niece. The baby had a bad night and wanted to have me near her the entire night. Because my bed was full with hubby, older niece and 2 dogs there was no room for little bit in our bed. I ended up making a pallet on the floor for the two of us. Before long my older niece and the 2 dogs ended up next to me so it was useless anyway. But I digress. I had the hardest time getting comfortable on the floor. I am too old, too fat and now too pregnant to sleep on the floor! I kept trying to find a good position and that happened to be on my stomach. Well, that didn't work. I may not be showing but there is definitely a baby in there! And I could NOT fall asleep!! I was sooooooo tired at church today. But I persevered. Because I am super woman! But during Jr Church I picked up one of the kids to help them reach something. She was 6 years old and not light! It caused some cramping and I almost dropped her. I can't believe that I did that!! I just forget that I am carrying a baby underneath these layers of chubbiness! If you would have told me that I would get pregnant one day and then forget that I was pregnant I would have called you crazy! But I guess that I am the crazy one now!!!


  1. Too funny! The rolling over on your belly will sure remind you! ha ha!

  2. i still toll over on my belly all the time, it actually got comfortable again which is SO weird, because I'm pretty much out to here hehe. I still forget too.

  3. Me too! It is crazy!
    But pinch yourself - it's real!!


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