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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I am now 15 weeks pregnant and have not felt or looked pregnant this whole time. This is mainly because I am a fluffy momma-to-be. No cute little baby bump for me! I always look about 6 months pregnant. I see these other skinny girls with this cute little bumps and it makes me feel fatter. But this week I am finally unable to suck my tummy in. Now I feel comfortable enough to just let it all hang it out! Well, I really don't have a choice, now do I? I am now wearing maternity clothes, but not the ones that make me look 9 months along. You know those, the big tent looking ones. Right now people look at me and think "Is she pregnant? Or just fat?" One day I hope to be obviously pregnant.

At first it really bothered me that I had not worked harder to lose the weight before I got pregnant. But now I realize that it is not all bad. While skinny mommas will worry about stretch marks, I could care less. I already have several, so what's a few more?? And getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight? Fat is fat. My pre-pregnancy weight is nothing special so why do I want to return to it?? So I am embracing my chubbiness and just rejoicing in that regardless of how I look the end result is still the same!


  1. I love this post. I am a fluffy one too, and I could careless about stretch marks and nonsense like that ;). All I want is a healthy baby, and then I will worry about making more me healthy.

  2. Amen Sister! I am a fluffer and already have my "battle scars" - Whats few more!!!

  3. wonderful goodies you made i love the pink and orange one pink is my favorite color so will you be sharing belly shots with us too? glad things are going so well sorry i haven't commented in a while but i am back around again hugs -Megan


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