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Friday, August 7, 2009

You might be infertile if.....

*you know what BBT means.

*you hold your legs up after sex.

*you know man's average sperm count.

*you can pronounce weird words like "oligoasthenoteratozoospermia".

*have boxes of injectable hormones in your fridge instead of condiments.

*pregnant women or those with babies always seem to find you and get in your way in the grocery store, sit in front of you in church, etc.

*know the term morphology and what it means.

*have purchased more than 25 pg tests in the same year.

*when you see the initials AI for American Idol but automatically assume that it means artificial insemination.

*you speak "code": RE, BD, POAS, PCOS, etc.

*set your alarm to give yourself a shot in the butt at exactly 2:34am, and feel wonderful afterward.

*you know exactly what cycle day you are on.

*the following makes perfect sense:
No AF, took HPT, got BFN, finally called RE, scheduled me a HSG and DH a SA, and was told to start BBT'ing (again) and using OPK's.

*you are wearing long sleeve shirts to cover the bruising from having blood work done so many times.

*when you call your ob to ask that your records be sent to your RE they ask "ALL of them?? *sigh* Okay".

*you know which ovary is making the most eggs.

*you see someone carrying a brown paper bag and your first assumption is that they are taking a semen sample to the lab.


  1. I always think the brown paper bag means IF drugs-lol. That was great!!! Hang in there!!!


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