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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Less-than-cute Babies

Say what you will, but not all babies are cute. There are the googly eyes ones, the scary hair ones, the bald-scrunched-up face ones, the screaming ones that you have no idea how they really look because they never stop crying, and the just downright you're-so-ugly-even-your-mom-knows-it ones. Don't go acting all pious on me! You know you have had these thoughts about people's kids. If you haven't you are lying! And it is almost like a little bit of justice when you see one of these babies being carried by the extremely fertile woman that feels like it is her mission in life to rub it in your face. I look at it as a little smile from God. ;-)

But I love these babies. When you see a beautiful, adorable, pleasant mannered baby you can't help but want one. Your heart melts and you glance around to see if anyone is looking and how far it is to the door wondering if you can make it outside without anyone noticing. But the other ones.....not so much. You feel a little bit of relief that you are not having to tote this little one around. Don't get me wrong, I will love any baby that God gives us. I am not particular, though I will be honest and say that I want a cute baby. Don't we all? This does not make me a bad person. This just makes me a little bit vain. Besides, I have had to work hard, wait long and pay big to have a baby. I think that I have earned a healthy baby most of all, but I have earned a cute one as well. I'm just saying!

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  1. Sooo true... I think the cute babies are few and far between when they are that small! =)


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