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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pot-Op appt. tomorrow

So tomorrow I go in for my post-op appointment. I am both nervous and excited. I know that things went well so I am not worried about all of that, but tomorrow he will tell me when I will be ready to have the transfer. He said before I needed to wait 2 months but he wouldn't know for sure until after the surgery. Once we know the time frame then we can start moving forward on the list for waiting embies.

I am excited to move forward yet terrified at the same time. This infertility journey has been riddled with disappointments and I am not ready for another one. I am trying to remain positive in all of this, but after 11 years it is easier said than done. I am trying to put my trust in Him. He has opened some amazing doors in this most recent endeavor and I want to believe that it will end in 2 pink lines. My biggest concern right now is paying for it all. It seems like the harder we try to save the more we have to spend. I hope to get a breakdown of costs tomorrow so I know exactly what we are facing. Then to decide which kidney to sell.......hubby's or mine. ;)

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  1. Will continue to pray!!! Keep us posted! Cant wait to hear the GOOD news!!


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