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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Going to the Gyno

I don't know why I felt it necessary to this tidbit with all of you, but I am. This is just my annual exam. You know, the fun one where the gyno presses down on your boobies and swabs the hoo-ha. And then he asks how everything has been and the fertile answers "fine". We infertiles spend a few hours, I mean minutes, detailing the last year of poking and prodding done by your "fertility specialist". I know, I know! You are experiencing pangs of jealously that I have my very own "specialist". I am special like that. Since my last visit I have been diagnosed with PCOS (that is polycystic ovarian syndrome for those of you not "in the know"), thyroid antibodies and benign uterine polyps. Some of us get to have all of the fun!!!

Since we will are preparing to transfer a few babycicles later this year it is important that my pap comes back normal. Well, I always want it to be normal, but now more than ever. Through the years we have had so many speed bumps and train wrecks that it is scary being so close to doing something new. This most recent endeavor has gone quite smoothly and that really scares me!! I should be thankful, I know. But there has been nothing easy for us in the baby making department and this is all new territory for me.

So I guess that my prayer is that all is well and the hoo-ha is healthy! =)


  1. Praying for a healthy hoo-nie!!!! =) I love all the names for it! They crack me up!

  2. Cheers and prayers to a healthy HOO HA HA!

  3. Thanks, Ladies! Everything went fine and I should have the results back next week. I am optimistic that all will be fine.


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