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Friday, October 28, 2011

Legal contracts for ED?

Okay bloggy friends, I need some help! For those that have gone the donation route (but not in a clinic program per se) what did you do about legal contracts to transfer the property of the embryos to you and your hubby? A few months ago I was contacted by someone considering donating their embryos to us. They were out of state and we would either have to travel to their clinic or ship them to us. At this time nothing has come of this situation but on the off chance that we do find embryos outside of a clinic program, what do we do? Do we ask the clinics what they require? Contact a lawyer? If using a lawyer what kind of fees are we looking at? I just want to be prepared and I know that this information would be great to have for those considering ED. Thanks!!

If you have answers and are not comfortable answering publicly please email me at agreateryesblog@gmail.com.


  1. We had the agency draw up the legal documentation for us, so it was part of the agency fees. I am a lawyer (but don't practice in this area). I would recommend getting a lawyer and I would suspect fees would be a few hundred dollars. No more than a thousand.

  2. We had an attorney who specializes in embryo donations and fertility issues. She's in CA, but everything we did was online. Atty fees were $350 for the recipient atty and $750 for the donor atty. I'd be happy to share her info if you'd like it.

  3. I have no advice but that is good news! Look forward to hear how things work out :)

  4. We used an attorney who had experience with EA & who specializes in fertility issues as well as adoption. For the legal contract the total cost came out to about $1,500.


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